A Cry

Yayınlandı: 04 Nisan 2016 / Şiir







Imagine a forest
where all the trees have spilled their leaves
and remained all naked
when a city has been crushed down
and totally destructed with the bombs of the masters of the world
and the waters of Bosphorus have dried away,
a ruined soil is laying between the two continents
which is full of ancient, long-sunk ships,
their invaluable treasures,
the skeletons of the dead sailors
and many corpses
which have unfortunately been thrown into the water
to be gotten rid of until the end of time
and the lost jewellery of the world’s most beautiful women
who have gone sailing on a small boat under a bright sunshine
when on the other side of the world a little child
has been sold to a rich merchant
since his family hasn’t got any other chance
and he has been beaten until he became nearly dead
and all the vampyres of the universe have met a trap
which has forced them to bear the sunshine for hours,
the very same sunshine that the young people have found wonderful
to walk on the green grass of their lust
at the same time when an old fisher has lost his eternal darling forever
by a silent heart attack and he now reads “Annabel Lee”
and all the seagulls cry for his sacred pain
and a baby cries with her own pain in the arms of her mother
and a father drinks another beer in a pub with his lonely friends
and they altogether sing a song of isolation
and a silence falls upon everything when the last words have been spoken
and a cold autumn breeze whispers the name of their beloved son
to the family of “Bazarev”,
then comes a winter full of snow
which keeps the soul of a young writer warm
and all the dead lie in their graves as the whiteness covers the earth
and the children wake up cheerfully one morning finding a grey sky
and a white shelter over the soil
and naked trees which have already spilled their leaves
and a princess wakes up slowly thinking of her dearest
who has come to her bedside in the night and kissed her lips “my love”
and a young writer says to himself that every end is a beginning
and every coward is a hero
when all the struggles only bring greater pain and much tears to this world
and he knows that his heart is flying across time and space
to find a land where all the heartaches disappear, all the loneliness is ceased
and his life has no importance against the tides of his destiny
and in his dreams he sees only one vision,
hears only one voice
he searches for only one love.

  1. Tugrul Ozkaracalar dedi ki:

    Son iki manzum metni okudum ağbi. İkisi de senden sanırım ? Önce bunu sorayım..

  2. Sparrowhawk dedi ki:

    Evet patron. Benden ama yeni sayılmazlar.

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